My name is Dylan W. Braam. I’m 26 years old. It’s August 2012.

I’ve spent the better part of the last 4.5 years traveling (or having to be ready) for work as a wind turbine technician. For some time now, I’ve had this idea of myself aboard a motorcycle riding in the foreground of Torres Del Paine in Chilean Patagonia. With my foreseeable future holding more of the same with work and life, I feel this is the greatest opportunity to pursue that dream. In an effort to better record the adventure for myself, and hopefully show those who care why this trip means so much to me, I will be updating this site as much as I can muster.

The plan is to depart from Chicago, IL late September heading West to Los Angeles, CA to spend some time with family and friends for a spell. From Los Angeles it’s all South, and I hope to be crossing into Mexico mid-October. I’ve a berth reserved on a ship to take me from Panama to Columbia via the Caribbean on December 8th. That gives me a seemingly short month and a half in Mexico and Central America, but ensures the opportunity to absorb as much of South America while the weather is best, particularly the farther South I reach.

It’s gonna be grand.

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  1. Jay Walters says:

    Greetings Dylan. Jay here (not Jake no hard feelings) from St Paul, MN. It’s great to see you are still are living big since we rode together in Peru. I dig the sled dog write up. Since Peru I’ve done Kuwait, and Dubai (car only), Spain, and Morocco on a Vstrom and aquired a new Tiger 800 since. Back to Peru (or Bolivia) this year with a couple other guys who have never been. Keep it up.

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