Shore was a Swell Day


October 4, 2012 by cleanwatt

Salty Dogs

Sun out and wind blowing, we set out to test our sea legs. Captain Dan showed us the ropes (er… sheets) and our vessel was under way in no time. We were put through the paces and First Mate Sharp proved to be as salty a sailor as they come. It didn’t take long before a visit from a playful pod of perky porpoise pals. Even a bad day sailing beats a good day on land. (Music – Imagine Dragons “I’m on Top of The World”)

Videography by yours truly. Produced by Dr. J-dizzle McRizzle II.

2 thoughts on “Shore was a Swell Day

  1. The Notorious F.A.T. says:

    Wow, the above-below water shots are effing incredible.

    Could you ask Dr. J-dizzle McRizzle II to post a second version of the video without the music? People outside the US can’t watch it because Asshat GEMA didn’t grant the rights… I would like to send the link along to a few people over here.

    Lookin’ good mate! You too Dr. J.

  2. Francesca says:

    Is that you Samuel? Dylan, outstanding film work. You two men are just like your adventurous parents. Stay safe

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